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About DQ8





About Dragon Quest 8
After 4 years, Enix and Level 5 have crafted DQ8 to us, DQ8 is the first game in the series to be rendered in full 3D, right now you can explore the DQ world in 3D experience, and the 3D engine and texture go very well with series character and monster design (Designed by Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Z's author), it creates a very colorful game environment.
The story is plain simple, you and your 4 party members (and a tons of Tamable Monsters waiting for there.) are going to rescue the cursed princess and defeat the evils. DQ8 give up the well-written (too linear and boring) storyline style, and just focus on gameplay. and it definitely is a wise move, the gameplay systems are not innovative, but they are great.
In the first few hours, you start to learn the DQ8 world, and then you will go to get other character into your team, after that I think you are busy to study the item combination, at the middle of game, you start to travel the whole world or look for treasure, of course you can collect small medal or visit Casion, and then you can recruit monsters, at last your team is developed well by your favorite skill or magic, and you can't wait to tortuen the Boss at your will and have a happy ending. Sound Good, isn't it? Don't forget there are a Bonus Dungeon after finish the game, you can get most powerful equipment and item there, and find out the hidden story. 
If you are DQ or console RPG fans, what element you want almost are there, and Enix put it at right place and right balance.  



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