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DQ8 Character




This is our Hero of DQ8. For un-cursing the princess, and get back the Legendary Magical Staff from the Evil Mage Dormagus, our Hero begin his journey. However even he doesn't know he is the key person to save the world from Darkness. And bonus Dungeon, he will find out his true identity. 



Yangus once was a thief, but he admire Hero, so he follow Hero into the journey. He has strongest strength and thief potential, depend on the skill point distribution, he can be a very useful thief or/and warrior. p.s. He is a straight person, so his dialogue is very funny.



Jessica's brother was killed by Evil Mage, so she joins Hero's team for revenge. Because she is from a Sage family, so her magic is most powerful. Moreover her whip and sexy is also lethal ( ^_^;) for the monster.



Kukule is a member of Templar Knight, and his interest is dating girl, um.... sound weird.... His unique skill is bow, it is very useful for battle at last few stage of the game. And his healing skill is good, it worth to invest some point there.

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