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DQ Link


Town of Heaven (Enix's Dragon Quest Offical Site)

The official site of Dragon Quest Series, the design is very good, and have some unique picture.

Level 5 (Dragon Quest 8's developer)

Level 5 is the game developer for Dragon Quest 5 remake and Dragon Quest 8, the above link is Level 5's Dragon Quest 8 official page.

The Alefgard Network (Dragon Quest Forum)

If you want to share your thought about Dragon Quest, The Alefgard is the place.

Game Kouryaku for Dragon Quest 8

The page contains all the information, hints, tips wallthrough for Dragon Quest 8.

Dragon's Den

DQ shrine's design is very good, and the page has some anime, fans'work and merchandise information.

DQ Shrine

Dragon's Den is web site with any DQ resourse you want, from basic information, weapon list to walkthrough, just you name it, you will find it there. 

Neoseeker DQ 8 Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

A very useful FAQ/Guide page for DQ8, well I like the part of weapon/item list with both English and Japanese name.

DQ News Network

If you want the most updated news about DQ series, you will find it there.  

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