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DQ8 Tips



1. Hero:
Hero's Boomerang skill is very useful in the middle stage of the game, so I suggest you add 40 or 66 points there, and his special skill: Giga Break need 100 points courage and 100s point Sword. Moreover if you want to hunt Metal Slime King, put some point on spear for random critical hit. Therefore he need most skill points than other teammate, if you find any skill seeds, use it for him.
2. Yangus:
Well, his early thief skill "Smell" is very useful, it can define the remaining number of nearby treasure at the Dungeon/Town/Castle, so put 16 points on humanity is wise move. His most powerful weapon is Axe of Great Demon, so you can focus on Axe then. The manual said his sickle skill can attacks and sometimes steal items from an enemy, but it never work for me, if you want to try your luck, you can put some points there.
3. Jessica:
She can cast most powerful magic, so I think it is wise to focus on her staff (magic) skill, because 70 points staff can auto recover after 10MP after each turn of battle and 85 points staff can +100 Max MP. Don't underate her sexy skill, because the enemy will automatically be charmed (freeze) at the battle when you learn Charm Rate up.
4. Kukule:
His bow skills is king, May Rain Strike (44 points) is very useful to fight the boss or hunt Metal Slime King, Arrow of Fairy and Arrow of Spirit can both attack enemy and rob MP, his Shining Bow (88 points) is very powerful and can attack all enemy. If you have some point, invest in staff, his healing power is also useful.


1. Don't combine Crown of Slime King too early
Because it is most rare item in the game, you can get it once. (Well, you can try your luck to hunt Metal Slime King, they sometimes will drop, I once get one, but you know the possibility to meet a Metal Slime King, and kill it before it run, and the drop rate from it.), it is key element to generate the 2nd powerful sword: Sword of Metal Slime King, and Sword Metal Slime King is the key element to genterate the most powerful sword: Sword of Dragon God Lord. Of course you may think sword is nothing to you, because Hero doesn't need sword to cast his most powerful skill Giga Break. However Crown of Slime King also is key element to generate most powerful armor: Armor of Metal Slime King, so save it. 
2. Don't combine Gold too early
Because you can it twice at the game, and it is key element to generate useful item: Sage Stone, and one of the powerful Helm, Golden Tiara, so use it carefully.
3. Mysterious Tambourine
It is a very useful item, please don't hesitate to generate it, even it costs you the most powerful Helm (Sun Crown). It can increase the tension 1 level for all team member at the battle.


Hunting Tips
1. Critial Strike
Before you go hunting Metal Slime King, I suggest you team with some critical strike skill such as Hero's  One Flash Thrust (12 points Spear) or Yangus Demon God Slash (19 points Axe). Because Critical Strike is the best way to hunt Metal Slime King  
2. No Deadly Strike or Posion Needle
Because the success rate is too low, and if it failed, it will hit Metal Slime King by 1 HP, so Metal Slime King will be frightened and flee instantly. 
3. No Normal Attack
Because Metal Slime King is HP is around 8-9, so the normal strategy as following: -
Hero strike Metal Strike by Eagle Sword
Kukule strike Metal Strike by whatever
Yangus stirke strike anything
Jessica strike Double Dragon Strike
Well, you can say If it works, it can hit 9 points and can not kill it in 1 turn, but I can tell you the rate is far lower than try Critical Strike
Hunting Place:
1. Dragon Bone Dungeon
The location is in middle of desert of Western Continent South, way south of Bergalak. Before you can ride God Bird, it is the only place you can encounter Metal Slime King. But you have to pick up the mission for successor of Gearing at Bergalak. Even the rate you enounter Metal Slime King not high, but the other monster there is about 500-1000 exp. point and easy to kill. So I recommend it.
2. Triangular Valley
After you can ride God Bird, you can go to Triangular Valley, you can find some Metal Slime King outside the vallery.
(Not recommended) 

3. Slime Highland
After you can ride God Bird, fly to the hidden highland north to Rydon's Tower, (If you want to confirm if it is the place, you can see the map, your location symbol will change to Star), in this Highland all the monster you meet is Slime, and the enounter rate of Metal Slime genre is very high, so, Happy Hunting, Man.
p.s. You will also find the most powerful Axe there.
(Highly recommended) 


Thanks Kouli and Demonkaze, they let me put their Walkthrough/FAQ on my web: -

Kouli and Demkaza's Dragon Quest VIII Walkthrough/FAQ v.1.1

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