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DQ8 System



1. Skill Point distribution

Everytime your level up, you will acquire some skill point, which you can distribute to your specific skill (Every character with 4 skills), and reach some level, you can use the special skill or get the status power up.


2. Tension

You can concentrate your power up in the battle by skip 1 turn, and then make a more powerful strike, it can make the strick power x 10 times, but it can not combine with critical strike Skill. 


3. Item Combination

Combine certain 2 or 3 items into another item. Mostly it is for unique item, you even can combined the Sword of God Dragon Lord. But sometimes you can combine some expensive items just for sales.  


4. Monster Team Up!!

You can tame Monsters into your team, and some monsters team together, they can have special effect, e.g. Three Dragon genre can add 20 attack points, three Slime can have special combo skill, three giant can change into a big giant...


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